Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mr. Milana's Visions of Technology

It is almost impossible to major in education today and not anticipate having to use technology. Quite honestly, technology has become the name of the game in education. The above image of a teacher giving a lesson to his classroom using a smartboard seems to be a perfect illustration of where contemporary education is headed or perhaps where it already is. The need for technologically competant students places added pressure on them to know what they are doing coming out of high school, and because of this, the teachers have an added responsibility to be competant in technology themselves. If we are not able to understand and affectively teach the technologies that our students must know we are doing ourselves and the kids a disservice. I agree that technology is essential to the success of students today, however my opinions on its affect on a student's learning may come as a surprise. I have been educated in the same technology driven classrooms and schools that many students today are, but I do not plan on doing everything with technology as a classroom. From my personal experiences as a student I perfer a classroom where technology is a compliment to normal, or some might say "old school" teaching methods. I support the use of things such as PowerPoints for lectures because they allow me as a teacher to upload images that will compliment the text on the slide and maybe help my students to better understand its main points. I may be looked down upon for not fully embracing technology but it will "heavily" influence my lessons. Despite my desire to limit my use of technology, I will have to adapt my methods in today's schools in order to survive. Despite my desire to only use technology for things like projects or showing a movie, it is all around me and I will be using it every day. Being a teacher in today's classroom is really a matter of "survival of the fittest" or perhaps that is more accurate if I rephrased it to say, "survival of the most competent." I must know the ins and outs of every technology I will be using as a means to best prepare my students for their futures in college and most importantly, the professional world. For my own personal reasons, I must know how to efficiently navigate technology in order to keep my job. I am reluctant to venture out and use the abundance of technology available to me, but the bottom line is that the world of education has forever changed. It is now my responsibility to learn about and use technology, so that I may improve my lessons and keep my students well versed in the skills they will need to be vital contributors to the work force after their days in school come to an end. My students' days in school may eventually end, but by choosing teaching as my life's calling that means my learning will never stop. Instead of being reluctant to learn the techologies necessary for survival in teaching today, I need to turn that into an enthusiasm and willingness to learn. It is that willingness to learn that will ultimately make me a better teacher, and that does not only go for technology but for every aspect of my career. I will be given an incredible gift to make a difference in young people's lives with my eventual certification as a teacher, and I will be best qualified to make that difference if I am right there with my students in terms of technological advancements, as well as their likes, dislikes, hopes and dreasms. Teaching is far more than notes on a powerpoint, it is the daily interaction with children that will make my chosen "job" something I love to do. As the old saying goes, "If you find something you love, you will not have to work a day in your life." Technology in the Classroom 9/4/12

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