Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Technology in the Classroom!/2012/08/educational-technology.html Education today revolves around education; there is really no argument against that if you were to look at today's classrooms. The possibilities are seemingly endless; smart boards, laptops,movies, powerpoints, and perhaps the most obvious but importnat technological asset schools can rely on is simply the internet. The internet is an absolutely incredible tool for a teacher to improve his or her lesson. Not only can we utilize it to improve lessons but maybe even more important is that the internet can help us vary our methods of instruction to reach all types of learners to ensure the success of every student. Also, future teachers have an advantage in the technologically driven classroom. We have grown up surrounded by many different technologies, and therefore are exposed to them both during our careers as students as well as our eventual career in teaching. However, being exposed to technology throughout our lives as students does not mean we will be competant when it comes to presenting the different programs to our students; that is are challenge for current and future teachers. Even a teacher who has been set in their ways during a thirty year career has to adapt. That seems to sum up education with the technology now available. If a teacher's school and by extension his or her classroom must first know how to operate it, and then be willing and able to use it to differentiate instruction. This is a huge benefit to both parties concerned. The teacher's can stay up to date and affective using technology, and the students will remain engaged and eager to learn if the teacher uses technology. Technology is present at all levels in one way or another. Having the technology at the teacher's and student's disposal is a gift, and will only help them during and after their careers. However, there is one driving force that can dictate the extent of the technology available, and that is of course money. Whereas private schools generate their own money, public schools recieve federal money at least partially based on how their students do on the state standardized tests. It is critical for students to be exposed to technology in the classroom as early as possible but a lack of money can hinder that exposure process, which can possibly hurt them when high school and college come around. The bottom line is that technology does not only drive the educational world, but also the work force. The biggest reason to have and benefit to having technology in the classroom is that students at all levels will learn how to work it as early as possible. Technology can help any student enhance his or her learning experience whether they learn visually, kinesthetically, or by listening there will be a technology that can supplement a teacher's instruction so that they can grasp the material being presented in class. Any teacher that is reluctant to use technology (myself in a way) will be doing themselves, and most importantly their students an educational injustice.

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